In-Vehicle Infotainment systems – report from CES and CeBit 2013

Two big ICT events took place recently. The first of these, Consumer Electronics Show (or simply CES), took place in Las Vegas in January 2013. CES is a major technology-related trade show at which many new consumer electronic products and technologies are announced. The second big event was CeBit (ger. Centrum für Büroautomation, Informationstechnologie und Telekommunikation) which is one of the largest computer expos. It was hosted by Hanover fairground in Germany, March 5-9 |2013.
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Facebook Graph Search – How can the in car mobile app benefit?

Recently Facebook launched beta version of Graph Search service for English-language users from the U.S. Graph search is a search engine that provides personalized results, taking into account the an individual’s relationships, ultimately returning objects within the Facebook Open Graph. Here, we consider how this may be used in the vehicular context.

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