Carmesh presents at GDG Dublin

Yesterday I had an opportunity to present Carmesh implementation work and project vision on Connected Car to valuable technical audience at Google Developers Group in Dublin. I also had a chance to listen to two presentations and engage further discussions.

Google Developers Groups are worldwide communities which are interested in technologies provided by Google and ways to leverage them, but in most cases are not Google workers (Googlers). It was my first presentation to such large audience from industry and I find it very valuable.

In my presentation I spent few minutes to present the overall vision of the Carmesh project and shared the motivation which drives our current work together with technical work already done and work planned for next months. I also explained why the project is interesting and beneficial for a small company like Zylia to create new opportunities and collaborations.

Below is the set of slides I presented

I had also an opportunity to listen to two presentations from other colleagues. The first one was done by Peter Tanham, the CEO and co-funder of SparkPage about his tool for supporting marketing actions, analytics and repid development of mobile webpages; the second presentation was gave by three guys from Task Messenger who created an awesome tool for managing work in organizations, teams, tasks and documents without emails.

I find the event a great opportunity to discuss each others work and directions thus beneficial to Carmesh researchers, who can increase the visibility of their own work with high quality technical audience. This was my first attendance to GDG, but I’m sure I will be visiting such events in the future, if not in Dublin than in Poznan or wherever else I will be at the time.


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