SDN’s many promises to network routing and the raise of OpenFlow

Despite the fact that the Software-Defined Networking (SDN) concept has been around for quite a while now–developed by Stanford around 2005–the hype is just growing. We strongly felt this when we attended the–HPSR2013 conference–where many research papers and  2 out of 3 tutorials discussed about SDN. Other highlights of the conference are presented in another post.

We would not say that SDN is the new ATM, which some might say was too over engineered to just work in practice. However, as with any new technology searching for its final course there were many promises which have to prove their usefulness and practicality. Here our takeaways for SDN:

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Enabling VoIP in Wireless Mesh Networks

The digital services that can be provisioned to the car are many and diverse. Let’s imagine a driver (and passengers) of a car connected to the Internet. Every move of the car is fed back to Internet services such as Yelp, Opentable, GMaps, GoCallendar, etc making received services ever more relevant and frictionless. Clearly, the use-case possibilities are endless and the most important are captured in a previous post. In Carmesh, we believe that VoIP services will have a reasonable future in the car. Besides the traditional VoIP chat services (e.g., Skype, Hangout, etc), there are a plethora of services that could be built around tourisms. An example here is a city guided tours service, where a user receives a voice description of landmarks and point of interests depending on its location and driving direction. It is easy to imagine other rich content that can come with the voice such as detailed maps, videos for in-depth coverage of landmarks, reviews, etc.

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