Carmesh Implementation Stories (#3): Adding Geolocation to PiUi

One of the applications we’re working on in Carmesh is a Raspberry Pi based data logger. The architecture of the system is that the RPi is connected to the OBD-II interface and provides a simple web-based interface to OBD-II state to any interested clients. In our case, we will write a mobile app which will avail of this.

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Carmesh Implementation Stories (#1): Modifications to the sanction python OAuth library

(This is the first in our series of posts on issues we found in our implementation work).

Short blog post on an issue we found with a library we’re using…

In carmesh, we’re working on accessing some social services on the user’s behalf. One technology we’re using to access Oauth’d services is sanction – it’s a handy python library which takes care of authentication and provides a nice authenticated way to interact with services.

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